Cooperation CRV Breeding values

The file with breeding values of sire opens when clicking on download. The lists are sorted according to NVI with the exception of the beef merit index. Sires that are not included in the toplists can be found with the function Bull Search.

Information on the publication

For information about the publication, see News on our international website.

The national toplists contains breeding values based on Dutch/Flemish daughter information. The Interbull toplists contains converted breeding values based on information from abroad. The genomic toplists contains breeding values based on pedigree information combined with genomic information. The combined toplists contains the top 500 bulls on NVI-base from the described list.
For further information about the requirements to enter the toplists, go to Criteria.

Legend Presspublications

In the presspublications the following groups of sires are marked:

Toplists Cooperation CRV Breeding Values of Bulls


Toplists per breed group

Toplists Holstein per country

Toplists Beef Merit Indexes

Other breeding values

Effects of the use of Genomic information in the breeding valuesn

Intermediate publication genomic bulls

Abbreviations distributors of bulls in the Netherlands

In a number of press publications the distributor of the bull in the Netherlands is stated. De following abbreviations are used:

Explanation of the used abbreviations in the press publications

Explanations of used sourcecodes in the presspubliciations

Explanation of used genetic characteristics in the press publications