A number of organizations make their data available for the Dutch/Flemish breeding value estimation. The diagram below shows an overview of organizations and the type of data they make available for the breeding value estimation.

Type of data Cooperation CRV CRV BV FHRS^ Tellus^ IVB/ PVV^
Milk production data *
Conformation data
Inseminations **
Calving ease
Milking speed
Calving dates
Slaughter data
Mastitis data
AMS data
Claw health
Flushing and implantation data
Feed intake ***

^ = FHRS, Tellus and PVV do not supply new information. Only data that is supplied in the past will be used for breeding value estimation.

* = Milk production data are also supplied by other milk recording associations.
** = Insemination data are also supplied by other AI organisations.
*** = Feed intake data are also supplied by Wageningen Livestock Research.